Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery


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Clay Glass Metal Stone Cooperative Gallery is sponsored by the Flamingo Clay Studio, a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to provide affordable studio and gallery space for three-dimensional artists.

For the past six years the gallery has resided at 15 South “J” Street, one block South of the ever popular Lake Avenue in Lake Worth, Florida.

It is considered one of the jewels in the eccentric community which seems to have avoided the modern overgrowth of South Florida and maintained the charm of a time gone by.

The many artists that have contributed works to the space will attest that the space is unique and houses a selection that would appeal to every type of collector or enthusiast.

The gallery prides itself in its cooperative spirit as it is run by the artists themselves. It’s not unusual to stop in and see an artist hard at work on their craft, taking advantage of the creative environment to get some pieces done.  If you have not visited this gallery, please make a point.

The gallery frequently has openings inviting guest artists to show their works in both 2D and 3D. Clay Glass Metal Stone gallery turns over work consistently so stop back often, it seems this space always has something new to enjoy.


Membership in Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery

CGMS is looking for new members in a variety of fine-art 3-D disciplines.  To submit an application to the gallery for membership the following requirements are necessary:

  • 5 examples of your work in 300 DPI
  • A short biography
  • A brief artist statement

Please send the above to  Your application will be forwarded to a jury for consideration.  You will be notified of membership as soon as the jury’s decision is made.

Membership in Gallery. (Please note: the more often you are in the gallery, the more likely your work will sell.) We encourage you to be a working member who shows up often, or if not, to attend openings and special events.

    • Individual membership:  Artist will receive a 4’ space ($60/month)  These fees are paid quarterly ($60 per month – $180 per quarter)with a one year commitment.  Artist receives 80% of sale. Gallery receives 20%.  Work requirement is one four-hour session per week and participation in at least one gallery opening per month.
    • If you cannot make your work commitment, it is your responsibility to trade your shift with another gallery member.  You will be assessed $30 per shift that you do not show up for, nor make arrangements for your shift to be covered.
    • As a member of a gallery, and so you do not compete with yourself locally, we ask that you have no work in any other gallery within  a four mile radius of Lake Worth.