Membership in Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery

CGMS is looking for new members in a variety of fine-art 3-D disciplines.  To submit an application to the gallery for membership the following requirements are necessary:

  • 5 examples of your work in 300 DPI
  • A short biography
  • A brief artist statement

Please send the above to  Your application will be forwarded to a jury for consideration.  You will be notified of membership as soon as the jury’s decision is made.

Membership in Gallery. (Please note: the more often you are in the gallery, the more likely your work will sell.) We encourage you to be a working member who shows up often, or if not, to attend openings and special events.

  • Individual membership:  Artist will receive a 4’ space ($60/month)  These fees are paid quarterly ($60 per month – $180 per quarter)with a one year commitment.  Artist receives 80% of sale. Gallery receives 20%.  Work requirement is one four-hour session per week and participation in at least one gallery opening per month.
  • If you cannot make your work commitment, it is your responsibility to trade your shift with another gallery member.  You will be assessed $30 per shift that you do not show up for, nor make arrangements for your shift to be covered.
  • As a member of a gallery, and so you do not compete with yourself locally, we ask that you have no work in any other gallery within  a four mile radius of Lake Worth.
  • Guest Artist: Guest Artist may display one work in the front of the gallery for a maximum of two months.  Smaller works are $100/month.  Larger works are $150 per month.  Artist receives 70% of sale, Gallery receives 30% of sale.