Artists all over this country are marching and working for Peace and Social justice. Many create their art as an additional form of persuasion. They join artists through the centuries, Picasso, Goya, Kollwitz, who have created monumental works as commentary on their times. Maxine Schreiber, a nationally renowned artist, began marching the day after the presidential election. She has recorded, through her paintings, some of the many marches that have taken place in Palm Beach County. Dozens of other artists join her in the gallery with works that speak to so many issues including the environment, voting rights, labor unions, women’s rights, climate change, education, science and so many other issues that make up the fabric of our existence. Although this show is called, Bread and Roses, Women of the Resistance, male artists are also taking part in this show.

Protest Songs: Ginny Meredith and Kat Mahoney (The GinKats) were part of a large concert memorial to Pete Seeger shortly after his death. They have learned and perform many of the protest songs that Pete sang. Join them in the gallery, and sing along with them.

Buttons: Artists have created hundreds of buttons for this show. If you have a button that you would like created just for you, send the content in an email and we will have it waiting for you on opening night.