The Artists of Flamingo Clay Studio come and go any time of the day or night. During the summer teen artists work in the studio every Monday thru Thursday until noon.  This gives our adult artists a chance to “sleep-in” or “jump-in.”  On Saturdays, at 1 PM, introductory workshops are held for those wanting to learn about clay or fused glass, or wanting to try the studio out before they join.  On Sunday mornings the children of the community come to the studio, with their parents, for lessons in clay.  Their classes take place at 9AM, 10AM and 11AM.   For those adults who want to work during those hours: There is plenty of room for you too.

Membership in the studio is open to any artist who wants to work in clay and/or fused glass.  No jury process is necessary.  Just bring your talent along with you if you are a practicing artist, or use the studio to practice and hone your skills.  Fees are $150 a month which includes 24/7 access, group kiln firings and studio glazes.  Supplies and materials are bought cooperatively so that wholesale prices apply.   Help in the studio will come to those who ask.  There are membership priced fees for those of you who need separate kiln firings.  We also affordably fire works for those artists who are not members.

The Flamingo Clay Studio is a non-profit artist cooperative operating the popular Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery at 15 South J Street  in downtown Lake Worth.  3-D artists are juried into the gallery.  The studio is open to all artists who want to work in clay and/or fused glass.  Professional potters fill the studio alongside those who simply want to learn about clay and make pots and sculpture.
Flamingo Clay studio, the affordable clay and fused glass space is open 24/7 for ceramic and glass artists to work.  
The studio has electric kilns for both ceramic and fused glass firing.  A raku kiln, a firing pit are currently in use.  A large gas reduction kiln is on the property waiting for funding to allow proper installation.  The studio is fully equipped for the clay artist.
Pottery wheels, work tables, house glazes and group kiln firings are included in the affordable monthly fee.  

Children’s classes, Pottery Wheel Classes, workshops in fused glass, raku, hand-building, welding, metal clay jewelry are all available.

A variety of Clays are for sale in the studio.   An Art Supply Store for hard-to-find supplies for 3-D artists  will be in this complex.

We are part of an economic engine that will help revitalize the City of Lake Worth by bringing jobs, opportunity, artists and tourists to the area.

The studio is open 24/7 for all who want to work in clay or fused glass. We have weekly, introductory workshops every Saturday at 1PM. See the above illustration.

Every Sunday and Wednesday, after school, we work with children. Each month brings a different focus to our classes. Be sure to sign your children and grand-children up for these classes before they fill up.

The holidays aren’t the only time to give Pottery Wheel lessons to your friends and loved ones. Stop into the gallery for a Pottery Wheel Lesson Gift Certificate any time during the year. We have classes for both advance potters and for beginners.